Haze beauty mist does the work of many products in one! Among the many, its 3 key functions are to properly prep the skin, set your makeup & refresh both at any time! The bottle is made out of safe PET plastic that is hygienic, shatterproof, & recyclable topped with a fine mist sprayer that generously and evenly distributes the product with each mist!

Available Sizes for Purchase

FULL SIZE | 4 fl oz



TRAVEL SIZE | 2 fl oz



For Pickup

+$5 for Shipping

For Pickup

+$5 for Shipping


A natural moisturizer and primer at the same time! With a great blend of effective oils, the mist provides just the right amount of nutrients and hydration needed to prep the skin for a makeup application. 


Keeps makeup looking fresh and wearable all day! This mist is formulated to not only settle the makeup but also to lock in the finished product for all day wear! And if you’re an artist, Haze also serves as a medium to apply pigments and glitters!


Don’t wear makeup? This mist is for you too! With it’s orange and rose water base, use it as a natural toner after your daily skin regimen. It’s fine mist and soothing scent works as a great “pick me up” throughout the day while nourishing the skin!